Do you like free?

Happy Sunday!

So I decided to title this blog post “Do you like free?” Couple reasons. First, Everyone likes free! Can I get an Amen? Second, because it got your attention!

So last year back in September I decided to take the plunge and join my all-time go to business mentor Jennifer Allwood’s Inner Circle coaching group! (Her group is closed right now, but she will be opening it back up this fall). When I joined her inner circle I was floored by all the amazing things I was learning and able to implement right away, not to mention I was greeted by hundreds of other creative business owners just like me! It just so happened Jennifer was talking about her Creators Roadmap workshop and how beneficial it would be for creative business owners to take advantage of. Instantly I was intrigued and had to know more. What could I gain from this workshop that I wasn’t already getting as a member of the inner circle? I cant wait to share that with you!

See that photo? That is a photo of Jennifer and I at a business conference I attended last year in November, I had the great honor of meeting her in person. She took time away to chat with me and invest wholeheartedly in ME! She was the most real, the kindest, and so stinkin cute! She changed everything for me honestly.


I decided to really think about where my business was and where I wanted it to go. So, I took some time to ask questions and see what it was all about. I learned rather quickly that the Creators Roadmap Workshop was something that Jennifer created for business owners like me who wanted to take a serious turn in their business or just take business serious in general. The Creators Roadmap Workshop was like taking the training wheels off of my business. Listen, even if your business is just starting the Creators Roadmap Workshop is still for you! Here is why.

When I signed up for the workshop I had no clue what to expect. It’s kinda like when you ask someone to explain something to you and they do a great job explaining but sometimes your perspective or expectation is not at all what you thought. Yea, this is kinda like that accept my expectation was times 100! The Creators Roadmap Workshop was far greater than I have ever imagined! I learned real quick that this workshop was different from the inner circle in so many ways. It was a blue print for my business like I had never seen before! The inner circle is amazing and I am still in her coaching group, but this workshop allowed me to dig a little bit deeper and gave me more skin in the game.

Instantly I found out that I had it all wrong! I had put all my eggs in one single basket! If your not sure what that means let me break it down for you! I had focused all my energy on growing my facebook business page. I had no website, no email list, no outside source of income at all. If my page were to be shut down, there goes all my hard work. I knew right then and there that the Creators Roadmap Workshop was exactly what I needed!

Here I am now with a website, a brand new blog that I am still trying to learn to use. I can not even begin to explain just how crucial this workshop was for my business. This is just one example of how this workshop changed my business and changed me.

Listen, this workshop is totally free! No strings attached. Plus a little birdie told me there is this really awesome questionnaire in one of the modules that you are going to want to take that will show you just exactly where your business stands and what you can do to start going in the right direction!

If you are ready to gain access to this FREE Workshop please use my affiliate link here.

This link gives you total access to all the free information that Jennifer has put together for you. She only shares this Free Workshop a couple times a year and believe me you do not want to miss out!

You will learn all there is to know about making money for real. Your time, your knowledge is worth something and she gives you all the tools you need to start making that money that you should have been making all along. I promise that you will learn more than you ever expected and you will finally feel like you have the confidence to charge what you are worth.

Best part about this Free Workshop? Jennifer shows you how to make money while you sleep! Ok, I know what you are thinking….. This is not some crazy scheme to suck you in with “make thousands while you sleep”. No, Trust me when I tell you that I have in fact made money while I slept through affiliate links promoting other brands who pay me to use their links or talk about their products! Money in the bank y’all! She shows you exactly how to do that and what to say when approaching those big brands you have been dying to work with!

Seriously these are just a few examples of what to expect with Jennifer’s Free Creators Roadmap Workshop! Next week I will be sharing with you all a little more in depth what I personally experienced and my actual results! I want you to be able to start the Free Workshop first before I share so that you will know exactly what I mean when I talk about certain key things.

Alright, her is the thing. What do you have to lose? Maybe a few hours of your time taking the Free Workshop? Worth it hands down! Dont wait another second, go ahead and sign up. You cant beat free! Just click here and sign up.

I know you are going to see a total shift in your business with this Free Workshop……. I just know it!

Good luck and Happy Sunday!







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