UPDATE: We are reopen! We opened our doors back up JULY 14th 2018. 

New address: 200 Tanger Outlet Blvd Suite 729 Pooler, GA 31322 New Phone: 912-450-1553


Happy Thursday!

Tonight I made the big announcement! Catch the LIVE HERE!

We are moving the store and we are growing!

I know we will have this question asked so I am going to answer it right here!

Why? Why are we moving?

There are several reasons why! First, I want to share that this move was highly thought out, prayed about and tossed around for literally months! It was not an easy decision and in fact it is one of the scariest business decisions I have ever made. Scarier than when we first opened to be honest!

Last year we knew we needed to expand the store, we tried and tried to negotiate taking on the unit directly beside us but we were never able to come to an agreement with the landlord. We knew that if we could not expand directly next door that a move would absolutely be necessary! But where? Where do we move?

One thing that I have learned being a store owner is that you must make wise business decisions and never make them abruptly. I began searching high and low in Rincon for a new location that made sense to move to. We needed more space for sure, but we needed to be in a shopping environment. We looked and looked and nothing was making sense with the numbers we were running for the overhead costs, traffic, neighboring businesses and honestly the type of unit/buildings were just not a fit.

I decided to go out on a whim and pursue the possibility of moving to the Tanger Outlet in Pooler.  Here is why! Pooler has become a highly trafficked shopping atmosphere, lets face it when I go shopping, out to eat or spend time out and about we always venture out to Pooler! We took several weeks and months to research, scout out and be very intentional with our decision. I talked with the current vendors in the store and by popular vote the decision was made! Accept for my mom! She isnt a fan of the long hours I will be at the store but she understands that it is necessary!

Effingham is our home, that is where we live. But you see that is what Effingham is, it is very much a bedroom community. While it is growing, the growth rate is very slow. In order to grow we must make a big move, a scary move! I say this honestly that we did all we could to make the very best decision in moving the store forward to success. Since we opened out doors almost 3 years ago we knew that a move and/or growth would happen, we just didnt know the details. The time has come, we must move in order to grow. We have been absolutely blessed beyond belief! We have quickly become the “go to” store for all things for your home and office and we are so thankful for all of our customers. We were voted by YOU our customers Best of The Best Furniture Store in the Coastal Empire 2018  that is an honor and title that we will continue to live up to!

We hope that our Effingham customers continue to shop with us and follow us wherever the Lord puts us! We value our customers and this is why we are moving! To give you a better shopping experience, more product availability, and more shopping hours!

We will start moving at the end of May 2018 and continue the process through June and July. We will only close our currently location for a brief time while we make the full move at the end of July. Our re-open date will be targeted for July 28th 2018 with a whole new store location!

Our goal is to serve our local communities while also reaching the tourists that pass through our beautiful coastal cities and neighboring towns.

I can not begin to tell you that we have put our heart and soul into this decision and we feel that it is going to be the best decision for YOU! Our customers!

We are excited and absolutely can not wait to share this experience with all of you as it happens! We invite you to take this journey with us!

If you are not following us on social media please go give us a follow! We are found on Facebook  and Instagram!

The OUTLET Experience

Why did we choose the Tanger Outlet? There is a huge misconception that the outlet is a place for cheap, low quality, or returned/defective product. Not the case. The outlet is a place where shoppers are able to purchase directly from the source! We are the source! There are several other local businesses that are also at the outlet and they are flourishing! We decided that the outlet made sense for us because we have something that you can not find there, a local collection of small shops within 1 shop. After all of our research and speaking to other stores and the outlet management it was a no brainer! Shopping with us at the outlet means you are getting a quality product, from the source itself, that is us, and at an affordable price! We also are able to offer you extended shopping hours 9am-9pm Monday – Saturday and 10am- 7pm on Sunday’s! Yes this is a huge and I do mean huge commitment for me! That is alot of hours! Eventually we will be hiring staff to assist us who know and understand this business. We want to ensure that each staff member is well versed in our business and can answer all your questions! The one thing we have discussed the most is not changing our customers experience! We have so many loyal customers who we love dearly, we have gotten to know so many of you and we want to keep it that way! We just want to make it better!


Because we are moving and gaining more space we will be accepting more vendors into the store! So if you are a local who flips furniture, DIY’s, and creates beautiful trending home decor please contact us asap. Spaces will not last. This is a huge opportunity for you to grow and flourish. We will be setting up appointments to meet with potential new vendors for the new location. As I said space is limited and we are selecting the best of the best to join us. please send me an email to and in the subject include VENDOR OPPORTUNITY.

My store has a team of vendors who are like family to each other, loyal and have good character and put the customer first! We always say doing the right thing is the hard thing! We do not do drama that is for sure! We are professionals, and we walk with class! We are family oriented and our conduct is family friendly! This new location will be high demand, fast paced and require a serious commitment to your mini business within the store as a whole. We are not looking for part-time vendors, the demand will be too great for a part-time vendor to keep up.

Again, please contact me if you would like more information and to potentially join us in our new exciting adventure!




We will post more information about the transition as it happens in the upcoming weeks. Please have patience with us as we are making the transition our currently location in Rincon will undergo a ugly phase as we get closer to the full move. It will be temporary! We will need to remove things and get them moved over long before we close. We know that you will understand that and we can not wait to share with you the plans for the new location! Customer experience is the highest on our list as well as top quality products, furniture and prices from the best and most talented local vendors around!

Time is going to seem like it just flies by! Before you know it we will be on our new journey!

Thank you again to everyone who has helped make this possible. I never expected in a million years that we would be so blessed!

Stay tuned for more to come!





  1. Amber!! Congrats!!! I love your Rusty Nail, even though I haven’t gotten to visit you yet. But that will soon change now that summer is here. I try to catch all your live postings from Valdosta and just dream of the day I venture out!! Can’t wait to see you in Pooler! Much love to you and your family…extra specially your Mom as she recovers!!

    • Hey Rachel!
      Thank you so much! We can’t wait til you visit! It will be great to meet you!
      The new store is open and it is amazing!

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